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Four track recorder, metronome and drum machine

Released Dec 18 2009

Current release: 1.6 posted July 12 2009

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Gigbaby! is a practice, rehearsal and performance tool for musicians that play solo or in groups. GigBaby includes:

Use it anywhere and any time to practice harmonies, capture and record ideas, compose new music, and share your music with others over the network. Great for karaoke, remix, and jamming with friends or strangers!

Gigbaby! includes a precision metronome with dozens of rhythm patterns, multi-track digital audio record and playback, Set list management to quickly recall the setup for any song, and network sharing to exchange audio tracks with other members of your band or with friends, family, or fans! With GigBaby! each member of the group can record their own tracks, then swap tracks to bring together the whole song.


Audio Tracks
Record and layer multiple audio tracks with CD quality sampling rates (44.1kbps). Monitor any mix of tracks (including the rhythm pattern) during your recording sessions. Use separate tracks to layer harmonies, guitar, bass, keyboard, backup vocals, etc. Independent volume controls let you set the mix, and individual mute buttons to quickly cut out specific instruments.

Automatic latency compensation ensures that the audio tracks and rhythm pattern are always in sync - including tracks that others send you over the network.

Recording on the iPod touch requires the use of an external microphone.

Rhythm Patterns
The rhythm patterns (beat pattens) cover many of the basic musical styles including Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Waltz, Hip-Hop and Latin. During audio recording and playback the selected rhythm track is automatically started and synchronized with the audio tracks. Selections in early versions of GigBaby! are limited, but future versions are expected to include dozens more. Visit our web site to learn how to submit your own midi rhythm patterns for inclusion with future versions of GigBaby!

The GigBaby! metronome includes a "tap" feature to quickly set the tempo by feel. Or you can easily move to a known tempo with the calibrated slider bar, or enter a tempo to microsecond resolution using numeric keyboard. The beat pattern volume is adjustable, and can be muted with a quick button tap. The display shows current beat based on the time signature of the selected beat pattern, and time in seconds based on the starting time of the beat pattern. Tempo is adjustable from 30 beats per minute to 210 beats per minute.

The setlist manages all of your settings for the songs you perform. The configurable settings include the song name, the associated beat pattern the tempo, any backing tracks that you previously recorded, volume settings for the beat pattern and audio tracks. You can quickly move through your setlist using presets. No fiddling with knobs and buttons! From the setlist detail view you can share tracks with your bandmates, friends, family, and fans.

Sharing with other devices or with desktop systems requires WiFi.