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I have problems sharing

First, remember why it is important to share. If you're working in a group, isn't the whole point to work together?

The other option is for everyone to have their own iPhone or iPod touch. This is required if you want to share files between GigBaby! users.

If you are having problems sharing files between devices or with your desktop, you may want to check out I'm having problems sharing files


I'm having problems sharing files

Ok, here are some tips to help out ...

  1. Sharing requires WiFi. You both must be connected to the same WiFi hotspot.
  2. You should both select the 'Sharing' option at the same time. After a few moments you should each see the other's device appear in the list.
  3. One of you should select the other's name. This will take both of you to the transfer screen.
  4. From the transfer screen, one of you must hit 'Send', the other must hit 'Accept' for each track that you want to transfer.
  5. You can mix and remix sessions and tracks. For example, one of you can 'Send' from track one, the other can 'Accept' to track 3. You can also 'Send' and 'Accept' between different sessions in the setlist.
  6. The audio file is digital, so there is no loss of quality no matter how many times the file is shared.
  7. If a file becomes damaged due to network errors you may need to delete the shared file or resend it.
  8. If you use a Mac, there is a free file transfer utility to send files to your Mac. You can drop the audio files into Garage Band to remix. Go to the website to download an early beta version:

GigBaby! Sharing Utility

A PC Windows version will be available soon.


I can't get the MAC transfer to work.

This question was posed by a GigBaby! user ....

hey, GREAT app. I can't get the MAC transfer to work. Both my iphone and macbook are connected to my wireless net just fine. When share on iphone it just "waits to connect". On mac I try a reconnect and it never finds the iphone BUT it does show my macbookpro in the list for a quick second, then that dissapears. If I then try to reconnect, the mac app will "close unexpectedly.::I heard you are working on panning tracks... and possibility of reverb or track bouncing? Maybe even just a way to mixdown and save, then manually reload again as a single track. Add a loop track??That would be a killer option. Again... GREAT app at an unbelieveable price!!!

I apologize for the difficulty with Mac file transfers. We have a new release of the utility that fixes this problem. Make sure you are using version 1.1 or later. I have found that following these steps will allow you to share files:

  1. Go to the GigBaby sharing screen on your iPhone.
  2. Start the Gigbaby Sharing Utility.
  3. Wait for a moment. The remote device should appear in the GigBaby Sharing Utility device list.
  4. Click on the device name in the list. This should establish the connection.
  5. Transfer the tracks from that session.
  6. If you want to transfer tracks from a different session, you must shut down the GigBaby Sharing Utility and start from step "i" above.
Thanks for your patience.

The sharing utility never finds my phone.

I love the app. I have a problem using the Mac utility to get my files out of GigBaby and save the files. I open the utility 1.1 but it never finds my iPhone. If I click Reset Connection it just flashes the name of my computer but it doesn't stay there. ::::I would love to get these files into Garage Band to work on it some more.::::Thanks, I appreciate your help

The Mac Sharing Utility is tricky to use and is in dire need of improvement. I'm aware of this and plan to update it as soon as possible. The PC utility has the facility to convert to other formats such as WAV, and I want to migrate that capability to the Mac.

But to answer your question: I suspect that one or both of your systems (the Mac, the iPhone, or both) are not connected to a local WiFi network. This is required so that they can communicate. If you do not have a WiFi network, you can create one with just your Mac. Here are the steps:

  1. You need to turn on "Airport".
  2. There should be an airport icon in the upper right toolbar (near the clock and volume controls).
  3. Click on the airport icon and select "Create network"
  4. Click OK, or you can add a password if you want some security.
  5. Go to your iPhone, click on the Settings icon
  6. Select Wi-Fi
  7. Under Choose a Network select the network you just created.
  8. If you created a password, you will need to enter it.

That should do the trick. You should be able to back to GigBaby and transfer the files. Check out these tips for getting transfers to work - I'm having problems sharing files. I've tested this process myself so I know it works, and I've had other users report success doing this. Please let me know if it works for you.

Thanks for your patience.


Overdub doesn't' work

I ... tried something earlier that I thought would work- but didn't. I wanted to try an overdub of second half of a good take. I played until I was at the section I wanted to overdub, paused, and thought I could just hit record but no go. Thanks for the speedy reply.

To overdub, try this:

First, keep an eye on the 'Share' button. It will change into a 'pause / resume' button.

  1. Start recording
  2. after the recording starts (the count-in begins) press the pause button.
  3. Move the shuttle to the desired position
  4. There should be a 'play' or 'resume' button (little triangle) where the pause button was.
  5. Press the resume button. It should overdub at the selected location.

This is another 'beta' feature that I released to give everyone a sense of what the app is capable of. It has not been tuned yet for precision and usability, so please be forgiving!

Also, you might want to take a look at the new user guide that we just published. I think it gives you a good idea of the quality we are targeting for only 99 cents. The user guide is available at:


you may need to refresh your browser to see the new link.


I'm overdriving the microphone, what can I do?

This question was posed by a GigBaby! user ....

Hi, thanks for the nice app and not overpricing it :)::I have the ipod touch 2g with the iVoice III mic. All is working well except that sometimes I seem to overload the input channel causing a distorted sound. Is there any way to trim the input channel in your app (or in the ipod)?

Excellent question. Currently you cannot trim the input channel. I intend to include input trim control and compression on future versions.

I had considered adding this feature sooner, but my own preference is to keep the signal as pure as possible to maintain full dynamic range of the recording. I use techniques such as:

  1. controlling the volume of the sound source
  2. increasing the distance between the sound source and the mic
  3. placing sound absorbing material between the sound source and the mic.

I'm not getting any sound. What should I try?

This is usually easy to fix. There are several volume controls that you should check ...

First, check the volume control on the side of the iPhone or iPod touch. Make sure they are turned all the way up.

Make sure the "Sound" button on the 'Tempo' screen is on (the letters should be red, not gray).

On the Tempo screen, slide the volume control all the way to the right (into the red).

On the Tempo screen, press the 'Start' button. If the default rhythm track is selected you will hear a steady click. If you hear this, go to the 'Rhythm' page and try out the different rhythm patterns. Use the controls on the Tempo screen to adjust the rhythm pattern's volume.


I can't hear the other tracks while recording

I cant figure how to listen to track one while recording track 2 or 3 or 4. Its always just quiet. In playback I can hear multiple tracks, but its impossible to play to the original track if it is silent.

Try using headphones or earbuds. If you are using an iPhone, the speakerphone switches OFF when you start recording. This is so that the sound from the speakerphone will not bleed onto the new track.

I chose this behavior for a reason. When I'm on the road and want to capture a new idea, I do this:

  1. Hold the phone in front of me to select a rhythm pattern and tempo. The speakerphone is ON.
  2. To capture each track, I hold the phone up to my ear and vocalize. The speakerphone is OFF.
  3. After recording I adjust the playback volumes. The speakerphone is ON.

If I'm in the studio, then I always use a set of studio quality headphones along with the built-in mic of the iPhone.


I'm having trouble recording on my iPod Touch

The iPod touch does not have a built-in microphone. You need to purchase an external microphone.

The earbuds from an iPhone will work in the iTouch. You can buy these at your local Apple store.


Can you recommend an external mic?

Was wondering if you guys could recommend a mic for a ipod touch 2nd generation to use with your program to record piano + singing? Right now using the apple headphones with mic but wondered if there might be something better for a mic?::thanks,

The earbud mic works, but I've noticed bleedover from the earbuds to the mic. It seems that sound carries very well from the earpiece down the cord to the mic. This bleedover is apparent when you play back a single channel.

Personally, I use the iPhone built in mic with studio quality headphones. This works very well - in my opinion.

To get the same results with your touch, you might try the iVoice III mic. It attaches to the base of the touch so you should be able to connect separate headphones. I have not tried this mic, but I have heard that it does work. However, at least one user has reported that the iVoice III does not work with the application:
Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to update your FAQs section. I have
an iTouch, and went on your advice to purchase an iVoice III. Alas, it
doesn’t work for the iTouch. Never did. Now I can’t use my $1 app, which
wouldn’t be such a bad thing, except for the fact that I spent over $30 on
the mic.

Thanks a million,


Panning would be a great feature, will you add that?

Panning is in beta along with a complete re-write of the app. This will likely be released as a new app.