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GigBaby! Sharing Utility for Windows PC

This utility will allow you to exchange GigBaby audio files with your desktop. This is intended to be a temporary solution until the fully featured GigBaby! Sharing Utility is available.

  1. This is a preliminary release. Some features have been disabled.
  2. You must have Bonjour already installed on your PC. If you are using iTunes then Bonjour is probably already installed. Otherwise you can download and install Bonjour from Apple's website: Bonjour 1.0.5
  3. This software is beta (still in test). Be sure to back up all your data before using the utility.
  4. The utility includes an open-source program (sndfilelib) to convert CAF files to formats compatible with DAW software. This software may introduce artifacts into the audio files. This issue is under investigation.
  5. There is no installer. You can simply unzip the files into a new directory. Here are the steps:
    1. Open the zip file that you downloaded (
    2. Open explorer and find a place to Create a New Folder. Or, right click on the desktop to Create a New Folder.
    3. Name the folder anything you like. GigBaby is a good option.
    4. Drag the contents of the zip file into the New Folder.
    5. That's it. Your install is complete.
    6. Double click on GigBabySharingUtilityWin.exe to run
    7. If you like you can create shortcuts by dragging the exe onto your taskbar or desktop.

Beta version 0.7 of the Sharing Utility for Windows has the following limitations:

  1. You must initiate the connection from the iPod or iPhone. (Cannot select device from the device list)

These limitations will be lifted in subsequent releases.

Download GigBaby! Sharing Utility for Windows XP Beta version 0.7