Thousands of artists all around the world are using GigBaby and GigDaddy. Here are a few that I've found. I've stumbled across a lot of them just surfing the web or hearing about them from friends. A few folks email me with questions, comments, and lots of encouragement. If you use GigBaby or GigDaddy I would love to hear from you and add your link.

Rachael Byrnes

Rachael Byrnes is a singer songwriter from Melbourne Australia and she's been using GigBaby to record low-fi songs in between her EP and album projects. Here is the latest one on soundcloud - Tolerance Intolerance. Be sure to check out her web site -


Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater, Professional surferFortune Article - The Jobs EffectKelly Slater picked GigBaby as his favorite iPhone app in Fortune magazine's issue on Steve Jobs and how the iPhone has changed our world.



Brandon Middleton

Brandon Middleton youtube tutorial for GigBabyBrandon Middleton created a great introductory video tutorial for GigBaby. Brandon has his own iPhone game called Tic Tac Toe Ten.


Brett (Brothwin)

brothwin on youtubeGigBaby Eminem cover on youtube by BrothwinBrothwin has a whole series of songs that he created with GigBaby and uploaded to youtube. My favorite is the the GigBaby Eminem cover.


Bruce Irving

Flying Singer in SR-71 cockpit Bruce Irving, aka Flying SingerBruce (aka Flying Singer) wrote a nice blog entry about GigBaby. Bruce has some great sounds, you can hear them on his web site