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How to Install Ad Hoc Apps

How to find your UUID

Download GigDaddy v1.1.b IPA file - did you send me your UUID?

Download GigDaddy v1.1.b ZIP file - try this file if the IPA does not work with your system (certain combinations of browser and OS)

Download GigDaddyAdHoc.mobileprovision


GigDaddy.ipa is an iTunes app file

To install on Windows

When you click on the download link windows should ask to install with the default application (iTunes). If not, then after the file downloads simply drag it from the download location into the iTunes library.

To install on Mac

After the file downloads, open with finder and drag the GigDaddy app from your download folder into iTunes.

Changes in version 1.1.b Known problems with version 1.1.b

Download GigDaddy v1.00 IPA file

Download GigDaddy v1.00 ZIP file